What material is the color of the line?

The line is coloured fishing?

First it was just clearly monofilament that everyone uses and many were considered sufficient for their needs. Then the clear lines fluorocarbon arrived hailed as invisible in water. Then came the red lines which color disappears - and therefore the line will as well-beginning of a certain depth. Then green lines have been said to blend with the vegetation of water, and thus avoid spooking the fish. All these innovations have been introduced to prevent fish "shy line". But they were really so get?

In an experiment at the University of Oklahoma State, some bass received rewards of food using various colored lines. In the study, food was removed after a certain time, but still, fish went to the line of the color appropriate to the accustomed reward. The study thus clearly showed fish can distinguish between colors.

Secondary information drawn from the experience indicated that bass was less likely to go to a line orange high-color as the lines of other colors. Other experiments have also show less taken by fishermen using these lines of high visibility orange. However, it was not definitely determined if fish are spooked spreads, enlarging the line or simply do not like the color. It is clear that they respond negatively to orange lines.

The effect of the water

The water absorbs light. It is clear. According to its clarity, water absorb certain colors first, as the Red manifesto still but purple and blue - long-wave color - when filled with decomposition of plant debris, so that the red, yellow and orange are still visible. In addition, the refraction of water property allow fluorocarbon lines "disappear", but not really completely as seen by many. Some shine in the surface of the line reflect light, making the visible line. Therefore sometimes injure the surface of the line and the color-only it with a small green can add to Canada "invisibility" of the line.

From the point of view angler

Several times, however, see your line is also very beneficial. There are cases when fish strikes are not easily noticeable, especially when fishing bait fish. Fishermen who have not felt the strikes have caught fish when they saw their travel lines, indicating the fish is at the end of the company. High-visibility lines also allow fishermen see where their lines, this is why the fly lines are often sold in easily visible colors, such as the fluorescent lamp yellow, orange, green, glossy white blue. You cannot detect strikes if you use dull colors.

The new line

The lines that change bright gold but fade to clear when in the water appear to be latest innovation. This "magical" ability is obtained by integrating a photosensitive property to a clear line that the colours of gold online when it is exposed to the Sun. It answers the anglers to see rocks online, although it should not be considered by the fish under water. Up to what we ask the fish what is his favorite color, we may never be know the definitive answer to the question, "fish can see the line?". However, it should not mean that we must stop trying to discover ourselves.

L Edwin G Rondina has been fishing for over 40 years, mainly salt water. Nevertheless, it is extremely interested in its various forms and wants to learn to try as much as possible. He likes to write about sharing his knowledge. Read more of his articles here, and perhaps you could choose a tip or two to enjoy the Crown much better.

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