2 Simple rigs for catfish

Catfish platforms are not to be complicated. In fact, simple is often better. Several configurations are used for fishing in General. There are nodes complicated for some applications and certain types of fishing. Tuna and marlin fishery for example require a heavy line and standard nodes generally do not work well with heavy monofilament. But you can do well by using the following simple catfishing platforms 2.

The first is a "sliding" or "sliding" sinkers platform. The idea of this installation is to keep the bottom near bait but to allow the line to move easily in the shot when a catfish captures the bait. If you fish shallower water, use a weighing of the eggs. If you are fishing in deeper waters or displace the water a heavier weigh with a ring of brass on it may be necessary.

Run the line through the weighing of the egg or the brass of the sliding scale ring. Tie on a barrel or snap swivel end of the main line. Some fishermen place a cord with plastic between the weight and the fulcrum. This can add color a little soft and prevent sinkers of blows on the node, possibly weakening. Attach a leader across the swivel and tie a hook on the opposite end of the leader.

The second rig is a loop of the pipette. Attach a weight with a ring of copper at the end of the main line. A foot or more above the weigh attach the dropper loop. The dropper loop is more complex than some nodes, but online many videos to explain. Create a loop in the line of about two feet in diameter. When the loop crosses, twist the whole lines in and out of the loop through. Attach the hook of the loop.

An alternative to the loop of the Eyedropper, which performs the same platform, is to use a 3 - way swivel. 3 - way swivels generally have a high attach ring, a ring of bottom tie and tie side ring. Attach a hub of the main line with tie ring top of the page. Attach a leader from 1 to 2 feet on the bottom tie ring and attach a weight at the end of the leader. A leader of test using lighter paper for sinkers enable break if it is stuck in a rock when you fight a fish well.

A leader of fluorocarbon using the hook is an option. Fluorocarbon fishing line disappears almost under water. And it is more resistant to abrasion. Attach a footer for a 1-2 Fluorocarbon or monofilament leader to tie side ring. Attach a hook at the end of the leader. The loop of the pipette or rig 3 - way swivel for catfish keeps the bait from the bottom. Experiment with different lengths of leaders to determine to what extent in the lower part to keep the bait.

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