Understand the Catfishing platforms you will be more successful

How you configure your stick, the arrangement of the lines, the weight that you use and how join you your line bait is all called the catfishing platform. There are many different platforms, all designed for different situations, but many times something very simple is necessary only a weight, a flag, a hook and correct bait is all that is necessary.

Two of the most useful and efficient platforms, one for the deep water and the other for the low-lying areas are as follows:-.

Deep water drilling.

This requires a heavy weight attached to the end of the line instead of a hook. A weight of one ounce should be linked to the line, I recommend a Palomar Knot (I've included a brief description of how to tie a Palomar Knot at the end of the article). This node is easy to bind and rarely pulls lose the break a line before the node gives way. Having the weight on the end of the line will avoid many snags you may encounter with a normal implemented. Then, attach your junction with a line of reference to the main line about eighteen inches above the weight. Use a pipette line to attach your hook line and leading to the main line. The hook will not get tangled around the main line if you use a line of metallic lead.

If you are after the smallest catfish using a smallest hook of a number of 2-2/0. If, however, it is the largest Flatheads and Blues that you want to capture and then use circle hooks 8/0 to 9/0. You will probably find this hook affecting more successful that fish will be less likely to straighten it and escape after hanging.

Shallow water platform.

In shallow water, it is preferable if you use a bobber proper catfish. Attach the bobber two to three feet above the hook, depends on the depth you fish. Sufficiently split shot should be placed on the line under the bobber cock it properly, and a weight just above him. The use of hooks similar to those mentioned above, consider your bait and catfish types and sizes that you try to catch.

It is simple and popular, but there are a lot of different platforms all have developed to respond to situations and different objectives. Weather, temperature, time of day and season should all be taken into account in the design of your rig set up. Know how to develop an effective drilling catfishing platform will improve your success rate of catching catfish - particularly larger fish.

To tie a Palomar Knot

1 Double 4 to 6 inches of line and not through the eye.
2 Tie a loose demi-nœud in the line doubled with the attachment hanged down
3 Taking the demi-nœud pass the loop on the attachment and slide the loop above the eye.
4 Draw the line and the end of the tag for the node and then clip the end of the tag.

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