8 Catfish facts you should know (part 1)

Do you know what the best challenge that someone might face when fishing game? If you have been practicing this sport for a while then you know it has when face you a giant fish fighting like hell. As a result, many fishermen prefer catfish as a game on other fish. If you intend to follow me in my journey of catfishing, you need to learn a little more about this mysterious fish. Here is therefore 8 catfish facts you should know:

1 - As most people think that this is only a fresh water fish, there are some species that live in salt and water. Catfish with salt water are not considered as very difficult to experienced anglers due to their small size, I see that a beginner could really like these types of fishing catfish.

2 - Catfish may survive even in the worst conditions of the water. They have a good sense of the capacity to adapt to their environment.

3 - Contrary to what many people think, the Catfish is a really quick and intelligent fish. It is so obvious because it was considered one of the best game fish even more experienced fishermen.

4 - You can go catfishing all the time of the year and not only in a specific season (most people think and it can be done only in summer). One thing to keep in mind is that catfish hate really when it is hot, so you better choose a cloud or same day evening instead of fishing when the Sun is in the sky (when the temperature drops to the bottom, the catfish go outside their hiding place to eat).

5 - Catfish is the 5th most popular fish in America.

6. The catfish group is one of the largest and most diverse fish. There are more than 3000 species known to men.

7 - As most people think that Catfish is not a toxic fish, the scientific evidence of the University of Michigan showed that almost half of the species of catfishes are venomous. Good thinking, is that in North America, some species of catfish use their venom to defending mainly predatory fish. There was ample evidence of the highly toxic catfish which can be fatal to humans in other parts of the world.

8 - Catfish most of the world was captured in the North of the Thailand in 2005. This giant catfish of Mekong 646 pounds and measured 9 feet long. At the United States, Greg Bernal and his girlfriend Janet Momphard made a record of getting a book 130, blue catfish 57 inches, which is regarded as a record of the world for this species.

Chris is a fan of catfishing. He likes catching catfish big so that teaching others to do the same. If you want to learn more about this fish, see: facts catfish. For more information about the species that live in salt water, see: Catfish with salt water

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