Bluffed once again: how I fish Bluff walls for bass

Use your printed first map!

With all the advances in electronics of today, it is easy to get lazy and use the card in your Lowrance HDS7 or hummingbirds in your dashboard. Make no mistake, it's invaluable pieces of technology to help fishermen to find fish, especially with the most recent side and imaging technologies. But let us, even the most important of these screens is only 10 "or more and a map printed as fishing hotspots maps can be wall paper size..."Laughing out loud. Summarizes the which can be divided on the room dining table for quick travel study, or in a hotel room for the end of the day and especially in the boat. When you mark this point special or spot on the GPS and are looking to move forward, which is both it out. Take an eye only takes a minute and this minute could mean everything. I used this method in my last low tournament at Lake of the Ozarks. I found a point that had the information I was seeking, removed from the map, made a minute to study and Wham, I found a better any high Lake. Would have been much scrolling on the small screen, and there is good chance that I would have missed it. We like to think that we have the maps stored for patterns, we are after, but a look of recycling is not cheating! To use it!

You have the latest software updates?


When the Lake you fish goes for kilometres, with a lot of the same structure or cover, you get something special. With docks, this could be the left before or those with scales which together a pattern. With a wall of bluff 2 miles long and a Lake filled with them, to find fish, I find the channel of the River.

The river channel is the key to a wall of bluff!

This is the road of life in the Lake, most everything following bait for survival use this highway. I found this is true for all types of deep lakes shallow on one side of the country to another. The main Lake points on each end of the bluff wall are as my father said "off Easy, Easy on." They are the McDonalds just next to the road or Cracker Barrel if ya want... lol. Discover what is on the menu and fish on!

Coverage and Structure definitions

Coverage and Structure are two different things.

Coverage is something that the fish can hide in, around, on, below, next, etc..

Cover = a place to hide it.

Structure = a geographic anomaly or an irregular feature on the bottom of the Lake. A modified depth results in some type of structure.

Structure = channel

Now it is of course a simplified but effective definition!

Put them all together

Find an item on the map that indicates both of these conditions. A point of main Lake on one end of a wall of bluff with the channel that rotates close by is a good starting point. Maybe it's something a little more subtle, perhaps a bend in the wall bluff, with the channel running to the right side of this creating a ledge... hint hint... But, searching for irregularities that may be the game changer, we all seek.


This exact model was used to place 5th in our tournament on Truman Lake. The model was correct. We had our limit of five fish a day when where 200 + boats fishing tournament.

Pro to Joe where it force and just find an open to reverse point is impossible.

We zigged when they meters. We had biting win, but a bit of bad luck with lost fish us to the top seat of the page. Not bad for the first time at the Lake with an outboard that was not blown up... lol... but it is another story of a vessel longer... hahaha.

Tight lines!

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